Why Bitcoins?

Do you have free hard disk space on your computer? More than 100GB? Then there is a thing you are certainly missing out. Lot of data on your computer? Yes. I am talking about Bitcoin blockchain data that would fit well. Big thanks to people that run full nodes keeping this payment network decentralized, secure and stable. You certainly benefit from this kind of money.

How to get started?

First you need to download Bitcoin client. Currently most widely used Bitcoin client is Bitcoin Core. Its 0.12.0 release has really cool improvements so I highly recommend it. Now signatures are validated using libsecp256k1 that will allow download full blockchain and sync up to seven times faster that its ealier releases and other Bitcoin clients.

After you completed installing Bitcoin client you need to introduce yourself with some things that will keep your Bitcoin faster and clear out some misunderstanding about money transactions. You should increase size of database cache to decrease your computer disk usage and increase syncing speed. You may need to add -txindex option to command line to study Bitcoin transactions futher and to use Bitcoin in your business.

You can send bitcoins to others with transactions. Transactions are digitally signed agreements with your private key that contains your will to transfer money and proof based on your transaction history that you have received some bitcoins that are not already spent. Transactions are identified by transaction identification number aka transaction ID. Transaction ID depends on transaction contents but there is more than one way how signature is included in transaction so transaction ID can get different. You should not rely on transaction ID. You should retrieve your transaction with getrawtransaction command. If your transaction looks stuck or lost you can resend it with sendrawtransaction (use output from getrawtransaction command). If after that you see errors like inputs already spent you may use listtransactions or listsinceblock commands to retrieve transaction with changed TxID. Read more about Transaction Malleability.

Transactions are confirmed by group of users called miners. They combine transactions all together and solve cryptographic problem, this process is called mining (more details). These transactions and problem solution are then combined together and this is called block. Block identification number aka block hash depends on block contents keeping content intamperable without changing block hash.

Block also contains one previous block hash. You can imagine now these blocks are coming one by one forming chain of blocks - blockchain. But there is problem - two participating miners can create blocks based on one block. Only one will get in main blockchain, best block.

Your transaction may get lost in orphan block or looking invalidated because your transaction input (also transaction) got included in block with different transaction ID. So there can not be absolutely 100% confirmed transaction, it is confirmed by blocks mined over it. More confirmations - less probability TxID will change or transaction reverted. You should not repeat MtGox faults.

One more thing. Your transaction may get stuck if you do not put enough fee for miners. It is safe to resend transaction that contains higher fees. Just include at least one input from stuck transaction to make sure only one of them gets mined.

All other Bitcoin knowledge is up to you. :)

Why free bitcoins?

It's all about to make more people using Bitcoin. They are giving real money for you to keep Bitcoin going. They give more than few cents for just viewing ads in bitcoins! Some people attempt to hack these sites to dry out bitcoins so there are defence systems like captchas, antibotlinks, etc. to give bitcoin for everyone not for that one hacker. They are sometimes complex to pass. Almost all of these sites earn money from ads you are supposed to see and visit. Give them way to earn money and they will reward you. You can get your first transaction for free from 99bitcoins.com, just follow instructions. I got my first transaction at Feb 13, see Bitcoin adress details at blockchain.info. There are some bitcoin faucets that will give you some coins more than one time, just recheck this list, it is still growing.

You can generate address for each site as I did. Why? Nice way to figure out which sites looks most profitable. And there is no 100% guarantee that no one will generate same address. It might be safer to store bitcoins using more than one address. You can read about brainwallets to learn how safe are your bitcoins if adress is generated from passphrase. And do not spread your wallet.dat file around, it gives access to your bitcoins!

Okay, here goes the list that contains website metadata and associated bitcoin address. You can check received bitcoins by clicking SEE PAYOUTS.

If you have clicked through my referral links, I would like to send you some coins to thank you. Why? You have completed online course "How to Get Free Bitcoin in My Wallet". Send me a message at Facebook and sign your message with your Bitcoin adress so I can be sure you can receive your bitcoins. Good bitcoin earning!

You want to look at source code? Why not, just click to view source!

For faucet owners: if your faucet description does not looks nice in this list, please update your html code head section and contact me!

Another update: I placed bitcoin icon next to SEE PAYOUTS if there are some bitcoins sent to that adress. Triangle with exclamation sign inside means that there may be problems with withdrawals, bitcoins were lost or account was suspended. This may be clear sign of SCAM or data security violations on that site. I am keeping these sites to help you to quickly detect similar sites currently not present at this list that may pay you nothing and waste your time. If site title font appears to be smaller than other text, then site appears to be down or no longer functional as bitcoin faucet. You can make your own additions, just contact me.

You can also read my thoughts about Bitcoin related topics. You may find some interesting facts about other cryptocurrencies.

What about other cryptocurrencies?

If you have played with Bitcoin, you may also have found that your Bitcoin transactions may not get confirmations instantly and you have to wait a day or so. It means you can not buy a coffee with bitcoins in your favourite store ... without waiting a day. Bitcoin should be used for bigger payments without need to confirm instantly.

Other cryptocurrencies may solve this issue. You may find thousands of cryptocurrencies or cryptocoins if you have visited http://www.cryptocoincharts.info/coins/info or http://marketcapcoin.com/. You may use cryptocoin market capitalization data relative to Bitcoin market capitalization. You might want to give Ethereum, Peercoin or other cryptocurrency a try. But you might be suprised that considerable part of these currencies are different from Bitcoin and you may find currency supply, currency usage, data supply or software usage is centralised. Or some other usage aspects might give you doubt if this is a cryptocoin at all.

I have tested three alternative cryptocoins on win x64 system - Litecoin, Darkcoin aka Dash and Dogecoin. Its software is based on Bitcoin Core and it was possible to add -txindex, coin control functionality for full node.

It was easy to set up Litecoin full node from nothing. Relatively small resource usage. Also no problems with Darkcoin, but there were some veird log entries. You should look deeper what is going on with this cryptocoin before you are going to use it. Dogecoin might look more popular cryptocurrency than Litecoin or Darkcoin because it was started as a joke. For unknown reason it uses up to three times more RAM so you should check your system more frequently.

If you want faster confirmations using cryptocoins, you can start accepting litecoins and/or dogecoins or maybe give a credits in litecoins or dogecoins to users in exchange of bitcoins. I would not recommend running cryptocurrency-noncryptocurrency exchange, you most likely will lose money because of speculations or bank bans.

You may find some altcoin faucets too but list would be a lot smaller. You can easily google them, not a real need to include them there.